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2004 Trip

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For those who weren't here 

last time, allow me to add a link 

to my original pages. The links will be up soon. try clicking on the bike and see what happens


If the above link worked then so should the rest. Hopefully they will all open into new windows so that you can browse at your convenience.

My first trip started during the summer of 2000. Many people seemed to enjoy the stories I told so I try to keep up the tradition. Find all the emails from years past you didn't get or forgot about here, then here.

A page or two, or three here that I can't fit in elsewhere.

Some pictures from the first trip are found here and here.

My second trip was out East to visit my younger brother and sister. I also wanted to make it to Florida but got side tracked in Myrtle Beach.

Several pages here, here, and here.

The next trip was what I call the Big Circle. I went from Chicago to San Diego, up the coast to Canada, then East to New Hampshire for my sister's wedding. It was a long trip.

Along the way I also stopped to volunteer on the AidsRide, from Minnesota back to Chicago.

finally last year I tried to rest a bit and stayed home most of the summer. Near the end of the summer I went to Sturgis with some friends. That story is here. With some more pictures here.

These are some more opening pages I have used for my various trips. They will add to the story and also repeat some links inside. 2003 Sturgis, California 2002.


Three I hope that gets everyone up to date. Come back every couple of days to keep up, or just wait until the end for the final edit. If you would like to be added to the email list let me know I'll try to put you on it. I bought a new lap top with WiFi so hopefully I should be able to stop at most Starbucks or something like that and get a fast internet connection. This should allow me to keep the web page more current and cleaner. Yeah right.



Finally, if you like to hear a good story guaranteed to have a happy ending try this

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Summer is here and it's time to get moving again. I've just sort of been adding on to this web page for a while now with out cleaning much up. I ran out of room on my tripod site a long time ago leading to the removal of a lot of pictures. So I decided to see if I couldn't clean things up a bit and put some of those pictures back up and stuff. If every thing works out all right you should be able to click some of the links on the left to get to all of my old pages and click the links here in the middle for the current pages.


Finally I get the time to do some web page editing. so for the first story click on the link below. 

Link 6/19/04


Well the trip seems to be about half over. I've made it to Washington D.C. and I'll be staying here at least until Sunday. Then I'l be heading back towards home. 

Then next story and pictures can be found on the next link.

Link 6/23/04

Another week gone or there abouts and though the bike is still sitting on the sidewalk we decided to take a trip down to Virginia to visit my brother and his wife. A story and link below.

Link 6/27/04

I seemed to have a million problems with sending mail to AOL. I don't know why. Sometimes my emails went through to some address but not to others. So I'm setting up a separate page with just the emails I sent out. They aren't really all that funny, as far as I'm concerned, this year, but here they are just as well. 

Link 6/30/04

If you would like to be put on the list for my next trip, Sturgis in August, let me know and I'll add you to the list. If you don't want to be on the list let me know so I can remove you. 

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